For Live Technical Assistance call us toll-free: 877.427.7278

Your Gateway To Technical Expertise, 24/7 Support, Van Hool Equipment Training and So Much More!

Our CustomerCare group consists of technical and engineering experts, service representatives and warranty personnel – all focused on protecting your fleet investment.

ABC’s CustomerCare Call Center offers expert assistance 24/7. We build customer relationships that last a lifetime offering the care, protection and service you need at every point in your equipment’s lifecycle.


  • Live Technical Assistance 24/7 Toll-Free at 877.427.7278
  • Professional technical field support
  • Technical training online, onsite, and in the field
  • In-depth knowledge, technical expertise & assistance
  • Product information, technical updates, and more
  • When calling, have the last 5 digits of your VIN available

CustomerCare Highlights

CustomerCare Services


ABC Warranty Experts streamline the claims process, and provide fast, friendly professional assistance.

Dedicated Field Technicians

Located across the country, our team of Field Technicians are dedicated to providing on-site technical support to ABC customers.

24/7 Live Dedicated Support

Offering immediate assistance for tech support, diagnostics and more.

Technical Training

Ongoing training sessions throughout the year offer hands-on and classroom training to your tech staff on our exclusive Van Hool equipment line.

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