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Sunset Vans Ford E-Transit 

Max Capacity: 12

Sunset Vans is a commercial and personal mobility vehicle provider. They have been family owned and operated for over 40 years. As one of the largest wheelchair van manufacturers in the nation, they offer a wide range of products to accommodate any size fleet. EV and gas propulsion available, vans are built on the Ford Transit and Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis.
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Sunset Vans Dodge Ram ProMaster EV

Max Capacity: 8

The fully electric RP Minibus has a motor that puts out 300 HP(e) and 226 lb. ft. of torque. Range averages 150-200 miles on a full charge, estimated. May vary due to driving conditions. The 400V battery requires 6 – 7 hours to charge with a standard J1772 Level 2 charger. With alternative charging ports and connector options, the vehicle is capable of DC fast charging with a CCS1 in 30 minutes or less. Both the motor and battery of the vehicle are liquid cooled to keep the car running at optimum operating temperatures. Range is further boosted with regenerative braking technology that can be adjusted.


  • Roof top AC
  • Low Floor
  • Folding ramp

Optimal S1 Low Floor Electric Shuttle

The Optimal low floor electric shuttle offers the technology and efficiency in a smaller package. Ideal for an assisted living shuttle, micro transit, or last mile solution. Purpose built chassis equipped with Proterra batteries stored within frame rails. Compact size and low floor allows for flexible transit applications.  With 280 kW of propulsion on tap and 1700Nm of instant EV torque, the S1LF can reach a top speed of 70mph (112kph) and has 30% gradeability*. Download Flyer | View Government Contracts


  • Composite body 
  • Roof top AC 
  • Low Floor no Kneel design 
  • Folding ramp

Low No Grant Eligible

Turtle Top Odyssey Optimal EV E1

The Odyssey family of buses provides a first-class travel experience which you can now appreciate on a state-of-the-art Optimal electric drivetrain. Eliminate range anxiety as a full charge on our Proterra trusted batteries provides 120 miles of range with proper driving. Recharge in just an hour and a half with DC fast charge. Both passengers and drivers will enjoy the responsiveness of our all-electric engine and appreciate the quiet, smooth ride with no fumes. With various floor plans available, this will be versatile addition into your fleet and carbon emission reduction. Download Flyer | View Interior 360 | View Government Contracts



  • Rear-Mounted Motor
  • DC Fast Charge in less than 2 hours
  • Proterra Battery between frame rails
  • 5 sided Steel roll cage

Low No Grant Eligible

Optimal E1 Electric Chassis

The all-electric E1 cutaway cab chassis integrates the Ford E450. A familiar platform becomes even easier to utilize with the advantage of EV packaging, and lower operating costs with reduced maintenance. 158-inch or 176-inch wheelbases are available, the E1 has the flexibility to pair with a variety of brands and models shells to create the ideal zero emissions completed passenger vehicle. Download Flyer | View Government Contracts

Low No Grant Eligible


What kind of financing options are available?

When you come to us to find transit passenger vans and shuttle buses for sale, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a full range of options to finance your new vehicle. Whether you choose to lease or purchase it outright, we will work closely with you to make sure it fits into your budget.

How much will a new shuttle cost?

With our vast inventory of passenger shuttle buses for sale from leading manufacturers, we have a vehicle for virtually any price point. These can range from several thousand dollars all the way up to the six-figure range. It really depends on what you’re looking for as well as the options and features you choose.

Is it better to buy new or pre-owned vehicles?

Buying new means you’ll be getting something with practically zero mileage and in the best possible condition. Purchasing a used vehicle means you’ll get a discounted price, but have to accept some wear and tear. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend right now versus how long you’ll be able to keep your shuttle in service before needing to replace it.

Does the passenger count include the driver?

Yes. In general, the stated passenger count of the vehicles we sell includes the driver’s seat. Be sure to take that into consideration when making your selection.

While great effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, errors do occur so please verify information with an account representative. 
Specifications are subject to change by manufacturer at any time.

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