UMA & ABC Raising Awareness About Driver Opportunities at UMA Expo 2020.

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Visitors Welcome at Why I Drive Kiosk – ABC Booth #200.

As driver shortages continue to be an epidemic impacting the motorcoach industry, the United Motorcoach Association is launching a unique program to assist its members and the industry build awareness for a career as a motorcoach driver.  UMA and its program sponsor, ABC Companies, has developed a social media platform, “Why I Drive” to raise awareness within and outside of the motorcoach industry to identify the next generation of drivers.  “Our goal is to reach beyond our industry and share the opportunities the motorcoach industry can provide to quality candidates looking for their next career,” said Stacy Tetschner, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Motorcoach Association. “The shrinking driver pool continues to present a major hurdle to operators”, said Thom Peebles, Vice President Marketing, ABC Companies, “the Why I Drive initiative offers a platform where influencers can speak openly and directly to peers, often much earlier in their careers, about the experience behind the wheel of a modern motorcoach”, continued Peebles. As the title sponsor, ABC Companies will be working closely with UMA to take on the industry issue. Kicking off the campaign, ABC and UMA will be developing spotlight videos designed for social media platforms featuring Sean O’Meara, aka “Shamrock Sean” a young charter business owner and motorcoach driver who after time in a corporate management role, transitioned to a career in the motorcoach industry. “The motorcoach industry has literally changed my life, opening doors I never thought possible and creating opportunities I could not have imagined.  With the positive impact this industry has had on my life and career, I want to help share this opportunity with others in similar situations”, continued O’Meara. Mr. O’Meara will be representing this new program at the ABC Companies Booth #200. 

A special “Why I Drive” kiosk will be featured at ABC Booth #200 during UMA Expo 2020, and visitors are invited to stop by and join the conversation.

ABC Companies is a leading provider to the transportation industry with diverse product and service offerings that cover a full spectrum of operational needs including new and pre-owned full-size highway coach equipment along with transit specialty vehicles.  ABC supports customers with a comprehensive after sale service network for service and repairs, collision services, extensive OEM and quality aftermarket parts needs for transit, motorcoach and heavy-duty equipment from ten strategically placed locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Additionally, private and municipal financing and leasing options are available through the company’s financial services group – one of the largest financial service providers within the industry.  For more information, contact ABC Companies at 800-222-2875 or visit the company web site at

About United Motorcoach Association (UMA)
The United Motorcoach Association (“UMA”) is North America’s largest association of professional bus and motorcoach companies. Founded in 1971 as the United Bus Owners of America, UMA’s membership now includes more than 700 motorcoach companies. Another 250 motorcoach manufacturers, suppliers and related businesses are currently “Associate” members of UMA.

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