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Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Women’s and Minority Business Enterprises (WBE/MBE), and Veteran Owned Businesses (VOB)

ABC is actively seeking vendors who qualify under the following categories to promote diversity and inclusion in our supplier network:

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE): DBEs are integral to fostering economic growth and equal opportunities in the business landscape. These enterprises are owned by individuals who face significant social or economic disadvantages.  By engaging with DBEs, ABC is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive business environment. Learn more about DBEs here.
  • Women’s and Minority Business Enterprises (WBE/MBE): Supporting WBEs and MBEs is a strategic investment in diversity. These businesses, owned by women and individuals from minority groups, contribute unique perspectives and talents to the marketplace. ABC values the innovation and resilience that WBEs and MBEs bring to the table and is dedicated to providing opportunities for their growth and success. Explore more about WBEs and MBEs here.
  • Veteran-Owned Businesses (VOB): ABC recognizes the sacrifice and dedication of military veterans and is proud to support VOBs. By engaging with veteran-owned businesses, we honor their service and contribute to the economic empowerment of veterans as they transition into entrepreneurship. ABC is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for VOBs to thrive in the business landscape. Discover more about VOBs here.

ABC is steadfast in its commitment to expanding business opportunities for qualified vendors within these categories. If your business aligns with these criteria and can provide quality parts and services in a timely manner at a competitive price, we invite you to explore potential collaborations with us. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us at bids@abc-companies.com to discuss how we can work together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Your partnership is essential as we strive to create an inclusive and diverse supplier network that reflects the values of ABC and the broader business community.

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