Specialty Vehicle and Technology

Introducing SVT™ – Future-proof Solutions for Fleets

ABC Companies Specialty Vehicles and Technologies is a carefully selected suite of products and services designed to give our customers a competitive advantage through the use of technology and innovation with the clients they serve.  Much of the current offering is focused on accelerating the adoption of zero emissions vehicles into the private commercial passenger market while meeting the demanding requirements of today’s operators.  By providing customers solutions sourced from around the globe, ABC Companies can design a solution for virtually any fleet or application.



Now North American operators can take advantage of a true zero-emissions motorcoach based on the proven Van Hool CX Series platform. Featuring an industry leading energy-dense E2 battery system from Proterra, an optimized chassis that has been engineered for balanced weight distribution, and premium passenger and driver amenities, the CX45E is purpose built to support a carbon-free future without compromising drivability, passenger comfort or performance.

Van Hool TDX25E


The world’s first all-electric double deck coach is now available in the United States.

The TDX25E is also the largest electric passenger vehicle on the road today. Transport up to 69 passengers while reducing operating costs and carbon footprint. Recently road-tested in a 2,500-mile cross country trip from Florida to California. Passengers will enjoy the smooth and quiet ride of this exciting new addition to the trusted Van Hool line of coaches.


Adding electric vehicles to your fleet just became easier, and more affordable.  ABC Companies can repower an existing vehicle to 100% battery electric power, updating your fleet while reducing your carbon footprint.  By partnering with UES, ABC Companies can source and install an electric repower kit in your existing vehicle.  This turnkey solution will allow you to leverage your existing fleet and dramatically lower cost of operations.  Let ABC show you what is possible while bringing the next level of transportation experience to passengers and the environment.

Electric Vans and Shuttles

Available in select markets, ABC Companies now offers 100% battery electric vehicles for 8 – 81 passengers.  Ranging from passenger vans to double deck buses, these purpose built zero emissions vehicles are built to drive the benefits of electric power into today’s fleets.  Ask your ABC representatives how you can bring the efficiency of electric power into your fleet.

Charging Options

ABC Companies continues our legacy of evolving to support each customer’s needs. Staying on the cutting-edge of technology is imperative to our service-centered mission. We are proud to announce our partnership with industry leading experts ABB and ChargePoint, to deliver a variety of charging solutions for any EV fleet.

Van Hool CX Digital Dash


Many operators have built their businesses with next level accommodations.  From driver assistance systems, operation enhancing telematics, solar power or cabin air quality just to name a few, ABC can make it happen for your coach or fleet.

CLEANS Sanitization and Disinfection Solutions

CLEANS Program

Our CLEANS™ (Contact Limitation & Eradication of Airborne Noxious Systems) suite of solutions focuses on disinfection and sanitization of three distinct areas onboard your fleet vehicles. With options ranging from electrostatic fogging and HVAC purification to UV lighting and passenger and driver partitions, you can choose from the same industry-leading brands used by airlines, major hospitality chains, and the food service industry. CLEANS™ layers of protection are specifically designed to help you enhance air quality, sanitize surfaces, and create barriers to separate and protect drivers and passengers.


ABC helps our customers succeed with fleet maintenance, service, and comprehensive support tailored to each owner’s individual fleet profile and needs. ABC’s team of highly trained people are knowledgeable and certified to provide service and advice for a full spectrum of equipment makes, models, and infrastructure. 24/7 technical support and in-the-field services ensure round the clock expertise when and where you need it.

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