ABC Companies Focuses on Preparing Operators for Post-COVID 19 Operations.

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Introducing CLEANS Sanitization, Disinfection and Contact Limitation Products — Now Available.

As thousands of operators were forced off the roads in mid-March, ABC Companies turned its focus to shaping solutions that navigate the “how” of operating in this new reality. Putting effective safeguards and protocols in place designed to ensure the comfort and security of drivers and passengers will be paramount in the post-COVID environment. With the introduction of its new CLEANS (Contact Limitation & Eradication of Airborne Noxious Systems) program, ABC offers fleet owners a variety of products and services designed to thoroughly disinfect coaches and optimize cabin air quality while providing driver and passenger shielding and personal hygiene stations onboard fleet vehicles.

“As the economy restarts, demonstrating how operators can protect drivers and passengers will be a top priority in restoring traveler confidence”, says Thom Peebles, ABC Vice President of Marketing. “The new CLEANS suite of products and services gives fleet owners the tools to think ahead and begin planning to move as quickly as possible when health professionals give us the green light to get rolling”.

The new CLEANS program demonstrates the company’s focus on customer needs and moreover its nimble flexibility in bringing new solutions to market quickly. ABC CLEANS offers a variety of options that can work with the widest possible range of coach brands and models currently in service, as well as new Van Hool equipment. “The immediacy of addressing customer needs and issues cannot be understated”, says Roman Cornell, President and Chief Commercial Officer, ABC Companies. “Our focus is on creating viable solutions that can be easily adapted, installed and removed, but most importantly ready to go now. Ultimately, we want to get passengers onto our customer’s coaches as quickly as possible, and creating an environment they feel comfortable traveling in is key,” asserts Cornell.

Most of the CLEANS suite of products can be retrofit on existing equipment (most major brands) or specified on new Van Hool motorcoach orders and include the following product and service categories:

Interior sanitization/disinfection

  • Electrostatic fogging with solutions also used in commercial airlines providing up to a 99.994% reduction in Virus Control including the Human Coronavirus
  • Fogging service conducted by ABC on-site or at a customer location
  • Disinfectant electrostatic fogger units will also be available later through ABC

HVAC purification systems

  • MERV 13 rated cabin filters capable of capturing particles between 1 and 5 micrometers and smaller
  • UV light HVAC disinfection system which eliminates 90% of microbial contaminants after 10 minutes of exposure and 99% after 1 hour
  • Factory-installed HEPA filtration system which can capture 99.9% of Particles (bacteria, fungi and larger viruses or virus clumps)

Passenger & Driver Contact Partitions & Personal Hygiene Stations

  • Driver partitions ranging from full enclosures to temporary clear protective barriers
  • Passenger protection shields including permanently mounted clear partitions and removable temporary shields
  • Hand sanitizer stations which can be mounted at multiple locations

ABC CLEANS products are arriving at ABC Companies locations now, many of which can be found in the Parts Source online parts store. For more information, details and pricing, contact an ABC Account Manager or call us at 800-222-2871 Option 1.

To visit CLEANS page click here

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