Van Hool TDX

Flexibility, Appealing and Economical to Operate

Coach Description

Can a double deck coach be both appealing and economical to operate? With the Van Hool TDX, the answer is YES! The ADA compliant TDX double deck coach offers dual doors for efficient loading and unloading of passengers.

With seating for 81 and eco-engineered, the TDX offers an impressive passenger MPG, the cost per passenger is much much lower than a single deck model helping customers control their costs.
Think about it – one powertrain, one driver, one coach carrying more passengers. Now that’s economically appealing! Give your passengers a premium experience and you a keep-it-simple solution with the Van Hool TDX. 

Coach Details

  • Optional dramatic upper deck sky-view rooftop
  • Up to 486 passenger miles per gallon
  • Front & rear stairs
  • Centrally-located restroom
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