To EV or NOT to EV? ABC Guides Customers to Right-Fit Solutions at UMA EXPO 2023

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 ABC Portfolio Supports Fleet Diversification with Solutions for Clean Diesel & EV from 8-81 Passengers.

Winter Garden, FL – January 13th, 2023, ABC Companies a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport equipment, has quickly become an industry leader in electric mobility solutions as it continues to provide operators options for diversifying and growing their businesses. With over six decades of service to the motorcoach industry, the company’s core focus remains on private motorcoach operations. Providing an expansive list of vehicles that parallel market shifts, adapt technology advances, consider governance, public and private sector reforms and more, the company has reshaped its portfolio to accommodate fluid and diverse applications across many operational platforms.

With a proven track record in electric mobility deployment and support, ABC offers its most expansive and developed product lineup in its companies’ history. While consumers and organizations calling for operators to provide zero emissions options is a growing trend, it must be balanced with educating customers on when an electric vehicle or a combustion engine is the best solution for an operator’s requirements.

Exploring some basic questions with our customers will help the organization determine if zero emissions vehicles are right for them. Such questions include:

  • Route Planning — What are the specific routes including topography, distances, ambient temperatures, and number of riders? Also what are the driver and rider composition on those routes?
  • Infrastructure Integration – Will charging occur onsite, offsite or enroute? What charging capability is required for the EV’s selected?
  • Funding – Is government funding available (national, regional, local), likewise are utility provider programs available and which are best for your operation?
  • Marketing — How will you position EV service, will it complement your brand? Will EV service provide incremental revenue opportunities? Have you identified and can you reach your target market?
  • Organizational Onboarding – Is the organization ready to begin operating and servicing EVs? Do you have a strong partner to guide you through a proper onboarding approach with the ability to meet all of your future service, parts and support needs?

Having a trusted, experienced partner by your side from the start is an important ingredient for successful EV fleet integration. Invaluable learning across various EV and traditional ICE platforms has allowed ABC to assist customers with their overall fleet needs, technical and service capabilities. “Many operators have been surprised when we advise them that an electric vehicle may not be the right fit for their fleet, and recommend they utilize an internal combustion engine vehicle. ABC views alternative drive systems such as zero-emissions as simply another choice for today’s operators. And more choices allow ABC customers the flexibility to enter more markets and growth opportunities,” stated Roman Cornell, President and CCO – ABC Companies. The company has aligned its offering with this philosophy and the proof lies within ABC’s diverse product portfolio and supplier base, where EV is essentially another option along with a multitude of choices, product and services that result in customer relationships over the long term — often for decades and generations of families. From its Van Hool product legacy of premium ICE and EV full-size motorcoaches, to ground transport solutions for smaller groups which can be serviced by low floor and cutaway vehicles.

This diversity of vehicle options is then coupled with ABC’s history of strong product support, giving customers the ability to confidently enter new markets and applications with a trusted partner.  The positive impact of diversifying fleets and services to help owners reach more customers is more than just a growth driver at ABC. Providing a wide variety of choices, from a diverse pool of leaders in their respective brand categories is a prime directive for the company. Working with a number of manufacturers, ABC offers a one stop solution for maximum utility, quality craftsmanship, luxury, performance and advanced technology products for clean diesel and zero-emissions in a host of configurations to accommodate 8 to 81 passengers. “Whether our customer needs a premium cutaway-based shuttle like the Freightliner chassis-based TT Executive, a basic upfitted passenger van or a fully electric double deck Van Hool TDX25E, they now have a partner who can support their growth.  This means more opportunities than ever before, from on demand transportation to cross-country charters, all sold and serviced by ABC Companies,” stated Cornell.

Regardless of fleet size or composition, helping business owners define realistic operational goals, and providing more choice and flexibility to support those goals is the catalyst behind ABC’s own diversification strategy. By providing equal access to innovation, new markets and new technologies, ABC continues to deliver tangible competitive advantages to customers and exponential benefits to the entire ground transportation industry.

About ABC Companies 

ABC Companies is a leading provider to the transportation industry with diverse product and service offerings that cover a full spectrum of operational needs including new and pre-owned full-size highway coach equipment along with transit specialty vehicles including battery electric vehicles. ABC supports customers with a comprehensive after sales service network for service and repairs, collision services, extensive OEM and quality aftermarket parts needs for transit, motorcoach and heavy-duty equipment from strategically placed locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, private and municipal financing and leasing options are available through the company’s financial services group – one of the largest financial service providers within the industry. For more information, contact ABC Companies at 800-222-2871 or visit the company web site at


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