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Winter Garden, FL – March 5, 2024, ABC Companies and Windstar Lines are thrilled to celebrate a significant achievement in their partnership, with the largest number of motorcoaches delivered in a single day. An impressive lineup of 18 Van Hool CX45 buses was acquired and put into operation, representing a historic delivery milestone for Windstar and a momentous occasion for ABC Companies.

This delivery brings the total to 186 new and used coaches acquired by Windstar from ABC Companies since 1995, underlining a shared commitment to excellence in transportation. This event not only marks a notable achievement, but also celebrates the deep-rooted relationship between the Cornell family of ABC Companies and the Greteman family of Windstar Lines. 

“Reflecting on our 29-year journey with the Greteman family and Windstar, the [...]

Winter Garden, FL – February 5, 2024, ABC Companies, a leader in innovative transportation solutions is excited to announce a new collaboration with TCI Mobility – a renowned upfitter of commercial vehicles. This partnership is set to revolutionize transportation options with the introduction of the Ram ProMaster van, customized by TCI Mobility, designed to cater to diverse transportation needs with a maximum capacity of 15 passengers.

TCI Mobility, an authorized second stage upfitter for RAM commercial vehicles, has a reputation for excellence in vehicle modification and is also a factory-authorized warranty service facility. The collaboration with ABC Companies aims to harness TCI Mobility’s expertise in vehicle customization to provide top-of-the-line transportation solutions.

The TCI Mobility Ram ProMaster van comes in two lengths and features a high roof configuration, offering flexibility and a wide range of design options. Its standard front- wheel drive ensures smooth navigation across various weather conditions and terrains. A significant feature of [...]

Winter Garden, FL – January 22, 2024, ABC Companies a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport equipment and industry leader in electric mobility solutions in the USA and Canada, announced that it will appoint Brenda Wordelman to Senior Vice President of National Accounts. In the new role, she will oversee activities for key customer relationships throughout the United States and Canada. The move comes as part of the company’s strategic plans to expand support of its National Accounts portfolio. Ms. Wordelman has over 25 years of executive experience, including an abundance of industry relationships, a deep understanding of marketing and communications, sales, and operations with a particular focus on key accounts throughout North America including Canada.

She has been active on key industry associations boards including the ABA Board of Governors [...]

Winter Garden, FL – January 15, 2024, ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach, transit, and specialty passenger transport equipment and industry leader in electric mobility solutions in the USA and Canada, is delighted to announce the appointment of Ryhan Cornell to the Board of Directors of the Trailways Charter Bus Network.

As a third-generation member of the founding family of ABC Companies, Ryhan’s journey in the bus industry has been extensive and inspiring. She grew up within the family’s motorcoach business, gaining hands-on experience ranging from operational tasks at the Faribault, Minnesota facility to vehicle detail work and parts management in Winter Garden, Florida during her high school years. This early immersion laid a strong foundation for her future roles in the industry.

Upon graduating from college, Ryhan ventured beyond the family enterprise, [...]

Winter Garden, FL – January 15, 2024, During a recent meeting in Koningshooikt, Belgium, Filip Van Hool and Roman Cornell finalized details of continuing the existing long-term distribution agreement for Van Hool motorcoaches in the North American market through ABC Companies. Roman Cornell stated, “It is amazing to see the synergies between the Cornell and Van Hool families. Both Fillip and I are the third generation of family-operated organizations that have embraced the approach of serving the customer first to create success that lasts. It is a great honor for both of us to carry on the traditions started by our grandparents and further solidified by our parents and their siblings. My recent transition into the CEO role at ABC Companies was under the close mentorship of my uncle, Dane Cornell, who took the reins of our organization as CEO and helped solidify the foundation established by Clancy and Ron Cornell. The foundation put in [...]

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  • Comments Off on ABC Parts Source™  to Showcase its Leadership as the Largest Independent Supplier of Transit Bus and Motorcoach Replacement Parts at APTA Expo 2023.

Winter Garden, FL – October 9, 2023, ABC Parts Source™ , North America’s premier source for transit bus and motorcoach replacement parts, is proud to announce its participation in the highly anticipated APTA Expo 2023. As the largest independent supplier in the industry, ABC Parts Source™  is set to highlight its commitment to delivering top-tier OEM and quality aftermarket components, unmatched customer support, and an extensive range of over 200,000+ SKUs in stock for diesel to electric vehicles.

Recognizing the importance of dependable parts in ensuring the safety and performance of transit bus and motorcoach operations, ABC Parts Source™ provides an extensive array of solutions, including:

  1. OEM and Quality Aftermarket Components: Extensive inventory includes both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and high-quality aftermarket components, ensuring customers have access to a wide variety of options to suit their needs and budget.
  2. Live Customer Call Center: A team of knowledgeable customer support representatives is available to assist [...]

Winter Garden, FL – October 9, 2023, ABC Companies, a leader in providing innovative solutions to the transportation industry, is set to showcase its diverse product and service offerings at the upcoming American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo. With a commitment to meeting the full spectrum of operational needs for transit, shuttle buses, specialty vehicles, and motorcoaches, ABC Companies continues to drive innovation and excellence in the transportation sector.

As the transportation industry evolves to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, ABC Companies remains at the forefront, offering a wide range of solutions that cater to various transportation needs. Whether it’s low-floor transit vehicles, cutaway shuttles, new or pre-owned full-size motorcoaches, or zero-emissions battery electric solutions, ABC Companies has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing cutting- edge solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and passenger experience.

ABC Companies’ extensive product and service portfolio includes:

1. Low-Floor Transit Vehicles: A popular offering from Hometown Manufacturing [...]

Winter Garden, FL – October 9, 2023, ABC Companies, a leading supplier in the transportation industry, is excited to introduce its innovative Fleet Refurbishment Program at the APTA Expo 2023. This groundbreaking solution promises to add years of useful life to your in-service fleet while offering a budget-friendly and timely alternative to complete vehicle replacements.

As a trusted partner in the transportation sector, ABC Companies understands the importance of keeping your fleet up to date, ensuring operations run at peak performance, and maintaining the highest safety standards. ABC Companies offers a comprehensive and customizable program that now extends from motorcoaches, and transit low-floor buses to cutaway shuttles, ensuring the continuous operation of fleets while allowing for technology and appearance upgrades.

Key highlights of ABC Companies’ Fleet Refurbishment Program include:

  1. Multi-Point Mechanical Inspections: Highly experienced technicians perform thorough mechanical inspections to identify and address any issues, ensuring your fleet runs smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Comprehensive Mechanical, [...]

This hyper-modern exploration was in the spirit of the Lewis and Clark expedition of the early 1800s: an all electric, double-decker bus adventured​​ this summer from coast to coast to chronicle whether such transportation across vast hinterland is viable, or not.

What the underwriters of the journey confirmed was that at least for such big commercial vehicles, running 100 percent on battery power is still a wild, wild frontier. The trip spanned 2,900 miles from Northern California to Central Florida, and relied extensively on Interstate 10.

“Even though the bus is capable of going 250, almost 300 miles between charges, the public charging available is inconsistent and unfortunately pretty unreliable,” said Thom Peebles, vice president of Marketing at ABC Companies in Winter Garden, which sells and services buses nationwide.

For a Tesla sedan, such a cross-country trip would be a breeze, with the company’s robust network of charging stations and its trip planner app that [...]

Winter Garden, FL – August 2023, ABC Companies a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport equipment and industry leader in electric mobility solutions in the USA and Canada, has completed its recent Phase II Zero Emissions Cross Country Tour, “Charge On America” driven by Peoria Charter (Peoria, IL).

Piloted by Mr. James Wang of Peoria Charter, the “Charge On America” tour departed from ABC’s Newark, CA facility on July 26, 2023 covering over 2,800 miles and arriving at ABC HQ in Winter Garden, FL on August 7. The entire trip was documented on the “Motorcoach World” YouTube channel which Wang began and now has over 28,000 followers from around the globe. Joined by co-driver Dennis Utley, also from Peoria Charter, and four other family members, the voyagers experienced first-hand the unique benefits and challenges of battery-electric travel. Despite grueling weather conditions, including triple-digit temps and moreover, interoperability, availability and capacity issues within [...]

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